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Also called "tear through ”, is a depression that normally exists and is located in an area located between the nose and the cheekbone.

The tear canal and the lack of volume in the cheekbones can be inherited, but it also increases with old age due to the displacement and atrophy suffered by the fatty tissue of the cheekbones.

Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra improves dark circles and cheek aesthetics with heavy chain hyaluronic acid.

Procedure time: 5 minutes

It is painless and produces great satisfaction for the patient, who immediately continues his normal life.

Quick and painless results

In photos 1 and 2 we see a young patient who has protrusion of the eyelid pockets and a very deep tear canal for her age.
In photo 3 we see how an immediate improvement of said depression occurs with the placement of fillers.
The photo was taken immediately after the filling was placed.
Photos 4 and 5 were taken 5 days after transconjunctival eyelid surgery. You can see absence of scars, absolute naturalness of the result and a very fast recovery.

Patient testimonial

We invite you to watch the videos on our YouTube channel with the story of patients who have received this treatment, entering here

Price of Dark Circle / Tear Channel Treatment with Hyaluronic Acid

The cost of the Hyaluronic Acid Syringe is $24,000.

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Usually one to two are needed.

Can you pay by credit card.

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