What is coining?

Coining or rubbing with coins is a technique used in traditional Chinese medicine, and is also known as gua sha (scraping bruises or pressure blows). It's called cao gio (wind scraped) in Vietnam. After applying oil to the skin, the body is stroked linear pattern, using a hard instrument with a smooth edge. Although a coin, a porcelain spoon, jade or buffalo are often used horn It can give the same result.

The strokes generally form a "pine tree" pattern on the body. The desired effect of coining is to create petechiae (pointy bruises).




What is coinage used for?

In traditional Chinese medicine, coinage has been used in the treatment of numerous health conditions, including headache, fevershaking chills acute or chronic pain, respiratory conditions, functional problems of the internal organs and musculoskeletal diseases

As is true for many other traditional Chinese medicine techniques, there is a lack of evidence for the effectiveness to mint in any disease or condition.

What is the effect of coining on the skin?

The effects of wedging on the skin include the formation of temporary red lines and bruising.

There is a report of a case of oiled skin that caught on fire, and a note of a possible risk of blood contamination pathogen.